Tidy Tenants Rewarded with Prizes


Are you clean, neighbourly and overall an ideal tenant? If you pride yourself on these things but are
not with Student Accommodation Services Lettings, you missed out an opportunity to win £300!

SAS are the leading letting agent for Swansea University Students providing a range of benefits designed around students. Steve Daniels from SAS believes that students have been unfairly given a bad reputation in the private sector when it comes to renting out properties.

He acknowledges the fact that many students are, in fact, ideal tenants and that they aren’t rewarded enough for their efforts in the upkeep of their houses. He therefore decided to run a competition to make sure that students are being acknowledged and rewarded for their efforts.

All tenants of SAS were automatically entered into a competition where they could potentially win prizes based on how well they kept their houses. Criteria included:

  • Cleanliness and making sure safety procedures were followed (e.g. no candles and fire escapes were not blocked)
  • How neighbourly students were e.g. keeping noise levels to an appropriate level and ensuring the correct bins were placed out and recovered on the appropriate days
  • Whether students kept up to date with their rent payments or were liaising with the Residential Service Finance department if not.

The winning house, which best fit the criteria, won £300 worth of Amazon vouchers. Charlotte Hudspeth said: “I was so pleased and happy when I discovered that my house won the competition! We have a cleaning rota in place so it’s good to see that all out efforts have paid off. I was very thankful for the amazon vouchers from SAS which I used on Christmas presents for the family.”

Second place won £200 of vouchers. Natalie Blight was chuffed that her house came second. “I love
the house we’re in and the people I live with, so it’s great that SAS can see that, and recognise that
we are taking care of it.”

Emily Ellis, whose house received third place and won £100 of Amazon vouchers, said that the
money will help her out with paying for textbooks this term.

Steve Daniels claims that the competition was tough and praised all SAS tenants for how well they maintain their properties on a regular basis. They will run another competition in the 3rd semester. He wants to combat the negativity surrounding students when they vacate properties by rewarding those who have maintained the house all year around. More information regarding the competition will be released later on in the year. SAS still have plenty of houses available for anyone who is still looking for a house for the next academic year.

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