Uni reminder on exam regulations

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Prior to the start of the January assessment period, students are reminded of the regulations governing examinations. Students should not take mobile phones into examinations, as simply being found in possession of a phone, even if you don’t use it, will result in your examination mark being cancelled.

Any students found to be using a mobile device or in possession of unauthorised notes during an examination risk an allegation of unfair practice. If found guilty, the student’s marks can be cancelled or the student could be withdrawn from the University.

If you are unsure of what can be taken into an exam, please check the advice sent to you by the Examination office or access the Academic Registry’s Examinations office web pages at http://www.swansea.ac.uk/registry/academicguide/assessmentandprogress/examinationregulationsandprocedures/1introduction/. You can also contact your College for subject specific advice.

Fortunately, the number of students committing examination offences is low and the majority of students adopt the high standards of academic integrity expected of Swansea University students. Swansea University is proud of the quality of its graduates.

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