Union helps secure best deal for students on second campus


The academic year 2014-15 will be an incredibly exciting one for Swansea University, your union and even for you, writes SUSU president Ceinwen Cloney.

Over the coming months the whole university will be preparing for the opening of the Bay Campus and I’m here to tell you a bit about what’s going on…

In August all of your brand new full-time officers were able to visit the Bay Campus site where we had a tour around one of the new accommodation blocks, the site and the Great Hall. The first thing we were all taken aback by is the sheer size of the site and the amazing facilities for both academic and recreational use. The second thing we all loved was the location by the sea and of course the prospect of having use of the amazing space that will be the Great Hall.

We had a really productive visit, getting up to date with everything that’s happening and even getting involved in a couple of key decisions.

Following on from the visit we also had more of an idea about where the new students’ union facilities will be located. We have been able to secure students’ union space on two floors of one side of an accommodation block, next to the new sports hall and gym and alongside the nursery.

As a union we will be working hard over the next year (and have been over the past two) to ensure all Swansea University students, regardless of the location of their home college, have the best experience here in Swansea. As a result of this we have so far made progress on the provision of:

  • a reception so you have somewhere to go to ask all of your questions
  • a finance depository so all clubs and societies can deposit their funds
  • a second advice centre facility so you have somewhere to seek independent free advice on everything from your studies to your housing contracts
  • a second nursery facility will be on the Bay Campus helping support student parents by providing child care during lecture hours
  • several meeting spaces and bookable rooms for societies, clubs and student groups to use for projects, meetings and social activities
  • a multi-purpose media room with facilities for radio, TV editing, and blogging for all of our budding student journalists and music lovers
  • a students’ union hot desk office for officers and staff to use when spending time at the Bay Campus
  • a whole host of chillout areas, study areas and most importantly electric points for you to charge up your phones, laptops and ipads

The students’ union is also hoping to be involved in providing some of the other services that students have grown to know and love on the Bay Campus, these are still in progress but we’ll keep you updated.

So after all of that I hope you’re a bit more clued up and as excited as we are for the new campus and rest assured that we’ll be taking advantage of this fantastic opportunity to ensure that you’re enjoying student life whether that be on the Singleton or Bay campus.

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