University announce halal food counter


SWANSEA University has announced plans for a halal food counter after national pressure over food labelling.

It has been alleged that many supermarkets and food outlets were using halal meat because it was cheaper.

Animal rights campaigners have opposed the use of halal meat, citing EU regulations which say animals should be stunned before being slaughtered, to minimise suffering.

An exemption is made for Halal meat on religious grounds, where the animal is not stunned. In halal slaughter, the name of Allah must be invoked whilst draining the blood from the animal’s throat.

Les Carmichael, Swansea University’s catering manager, said: “We will be reviewing our services to ensure that they fall in line with any new government legislation that could be implemented. Our “Urban Eat” sandwiches carry the halal mark and I am further considering a dedicated halal food counter at our food court in the near future to give greater transparency.”

The students’ union had not replied to several requests about their halal food labelling.

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