Unsure if your course is right for you? Maybe it’s time to change.


So, you’ve made the big leap to Uni. Everything is going as you imagined it would… fun nights out and a ton of new friends. But there is something that is not quite right…. you’ve done two semesters of your course and you’re starting to wonder if you made the right choice.

The Waterfront’s Akosua Darko tells us of her own experience:

I was there in first year hating every second of politics, depressed and wondering how I would ever finish the whole three years. I was uninterested and struggling with the work. I’ve changed my course to English literature and creative writing. I’ve never felt better.

I was not ready to go to university and I picked a course that was do able and would I thought guarantee me a job. However I’ve always been passionate about English. I don’t know what your story is but if you are feeling like me and you are in your first year there is a way out.

You have to decide quick because one if you wait till September next year you will be paying for third year of your new course yourself. If you decide before second year starts you have up your  free year doing the first year of the course. But student finance will pay for a full 3 or however many other years of your new degree. You will still have to pay back the loan for that first year of the course you didn’t enjoy though.

Changing my course has been the best decision I’ve ever made. Many others have changed their course too. If this empowers you to do the same go and ask questions. Talk to the lecturers of the course you would like to undertake, your personal tutors,  the lecturers of your current course, parents and friends. Remember though the decision is yours only to make. Three years of misery or a degree that interests you. The choice is yours!

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