Xtreme Radio members get shows back on air

Xtreme Radio have been back up and running for over a week now with help from the students’ union and SUCS.

The society had been hit by technical and financial problems, which meant they were not able to broadcast for the first few weeks of term.

Jack Page, a new member of the society, told us: “The studio is looking better than ever and the variety of shows will appeal to everyone.”

Alex Poplawska, who runs the ‘Swansea University Rock and Metal’ show said: “I don’t think anything shows passion more than being a part of a radio station. It took a lot of effort to develop, but it means the studio is better than ever. The committee created something from nothing.”

The station has shows like ‘You need to hear this,’ ‘The Wright Time,’ and ‘Polyglot’ with genres ranging from heavy metal to alternative, electro, and rock.

Station manager Tim Morizet said: “I’m happy that we’re finally back. Radio has been part of my life for the past five years and it’s so good to see so many new faces on the station. And really talented ones as well. I think we can create something big over the next couple of years.”

If you fancy having a go at doing your own radio show or one with a friend please email radio@swansea-union.co.uk.

Get the schedule and listen in at www.xtremeradio.org.

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