American football set for Varsity return

Oliver Crook Photography

Swansea Titans are looking to beat Cardiff at Varsity after one year absence from the event.

Oliver Crook Photography

Ben Knight-Gregson, the club’s treasurer, believes the team are training well and will be ready come kick off.

He said: “We took it easy over Easter, so that we didn’t wear people out or sustain any unnecessary injuries, but we’re now picking up the intensity in training.”

“We’ve had a change around in coaching structure.

“One of our coaches, Jack Davis has really helped defence and line backers this year.”

The treasurer believes weather could play a big part in the final result.

He added: “It will depend a lot on the weather.

“Cardiff tend to run with the ball most of the time, but rain could see them get stuck in the mud.

“Our team tends to play with a mixture of aerial passes and quick runs, mainly because we have a good quarterback in Chris Aldred.”

Last year’s game was cancelled due to fixture congestion.

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