Archers are exceeding all expectations

Swansea’s archers exceeded expectations at the Bucs Indoor Championships 2012 in Aberystwyth.
In the gentlemen recurve competition, stand-out performer Rhodri Curnow shot 36 golds in a round of 60, finishing eighth out of 175 archers.

Swansea had two impressive performers in the gentleman compound tournament as Phill Dunn finished third with 31 gold shots and David Leach finished fifth with 26 gold shots.

Alex Tappenden finished ninth out of 29 in the gentleman barebow.

Swansea’s experienced women top performer was Victoria Moore whom finished 23rd out of 63 with 11 gold shots in the recurve competition.

The novice category saw Swansea’s archers record an 18th place finish out of a possible 36.

Mark Evans came 23rd out of 93 with 10 gold shots in the gentleman recurve, Alaba Baju finished ninth out of 22 in the gentleman barebow, while Anna Lawrence was fifth in the nine-person lady barebow event.

In the experienced category, Swansea finished 24th out of 43 competing universities.

Jason Yiu won the three-person gentleman compound event with a gold shot total of 21.

Novice archer Yiu praised the team’s performance over the weekend.

“It was a great weekend and the team achieved some fantastic results,” he said.

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