Athletic Union is not a sinking ship

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The last president of Swansea’s Athletic Union Dan Ryan-Lowes is feeling confident about the important year ahead – and he is determined to “go out with a bang”.

As of June 2012, Swansea’s AU will be coming to an end and divided into two halves – one half will be controlled by the students’ union and the other half by the sports department.

Ryan-Lowes feels the plans put together to maintain sport at the university is exciting.

He said: “I am not the captain of a sinking ship but the head of what I believe  is the greatest union in Swansea.”

Ryan-Lowes is confident student sport in Swansea will continue to grow after him – and despite the pressure, the president is eager to carry on with the year ahead.

And he is positive that his goals for the year are in reach and he has a lot to keep him busy.

He said: “I do believe that my policies are very achievable, yet at the same time, more and more things that I want to do seem to crop up.”

Ryan-Lowes plans to promote women’s sport, fight to put an end to Wednesday lectures, create better links with the students’ union and more.

Over the next few months he is keen to see a lot of smiles and take a hands-on approach.

“There is an awful lot that I don’t know about and I hope that my members can fill those gaps in my knowledge,” Ryan-Lowes said.

The new president has already had a very productive summer and is now ready for the return of students ahead of the new season.

“I have some extremely big shoes to fill and I cannot wait for the students to come back and to make sure that I am doing justice to their faith in me,” he added.

“These are important times for the AU and I am determined to go out with a bang”.

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