Batson’s Taekwondo set for showdown

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Following success at the ITF student championships, captain Emily Batson is quietly confident going into the Varsity match.

Swansea were on the end of a defeat last year and are looking to bounce back with a win this time around.

“The squad and myself are quite confident this year, especially after the student ITF championships in Leeds,” said Batson.

“Some of our fighters beat theirs [Cardiff’s] at the tournament.

“It will make for an interesting showdown definitely!”

The Varsity taekwondo match consists of two main disciplines, sparring and patterns.

Batson added: “Cardiff and myself will be matching up our fighters for the match soon and will also discuss how the whole tournament will be judged.”

She believes their patterns were Swansea’s “weakest element” last year and needs the most work before the big day arrives.

The discipline of patterns consists of the performance of a sequence of set movements.

They are then marked based on technique, timing and breathing.

Batson and the squad are taking inspiration from the New Zealand rugby team and have created their own haka.

She added: “We will try and scare Cardiff, it should be good fun.”

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