Boxer aiming to leave university with a gold

calum spours3

Swansea University boxer Calum Spours won two silver medals at last season’s Bucs competition and is intending on winning gold in this his final year.

Spours, 22, lost to the now British University Novice champion (67kg) Alexander Cooper, a student at the University of Kent, 17-6 on February 20.

There is a lot of positivity surrounding Spours for this coming year after his emphatic display last season.

Spours said: “I’m really proud to have two silvers at Bucs last year and I’m hoping the club can go one step further this year and win that elusive gold medal.”

This assurance in Spours is expressed by coach Avoen Perryman who said: “This has to be Calum’s year, he is a brilliant fighter.

“It is his last year here in Swansea, so it is now or never for him.”

The admiration and respect is mirrored between the coach and the boxer.

Spours added: “The coach has played a massive part in my boxing here at Swansea and has been in my corner for the past three years.

“His training regimes have really improved my boxing power and technique.”

In addition to Bucs, Calum has been in the gym preparing for the Welsh Championships in October and again, hoping this is his time to win gold.

With the expectations running high within the boxing club, more measures have been taken to improve the facilities for the fighters.

Last season the club had many difficulties in ensuring members could attend training sessions due to lack of transport, however, as of this season the boxing club is more financially stable and as a sign of a new era, the club are now training in a new facility in the city centre which is easily accessible for all.

This season is shaping up to be a very prosperous one for the boxing club and Perryman has ambitious aims for this coming season.

“Every year I say I want to put on a boxing show, but with this new-found financial stability, it is more of a possibility this year,” he said.

Participation in boxing in Swansea has been on the increase in the past ten years and with a new training venue and new-found financial security, the success of the “family-feel club” will not be too far away.

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