Defiant Swansea Slip to Defeat from Bristol University

Defiant Swansea Slip

Swansea Men’s 1sts 6 – 14 Bristol

Two weeks ago Swansea Ultimate Frisbee team crossed the bridge to play Bristol University in a toughly fought fixture but failed to come out on top. After the trip down to Bristol, Swansea got warmed up and ready to go. A miserable day wasn’t going to get us down and so we went straight into the first point on defence. Unfortunately, Bristol turned and scored. Not to be put down so early, Swansea fought back and traded points. Our zone defence proved tough but through patience and precise throws Bristol just kept getting through. Hit half at 8 – 4 to Bristol. Starting off
against their zone with lovely bladey throws around and over by Jack Bailey quickly made them change their minds. Both teams went to solid man offence and defence. On a slippery pitch this became all the more harder and both teams fought for every point with lots of turns on both ends. Bristol just capitalised more and got the points they needed.

Timer went with hard cap of 15. Both teams showing their tiredness having to fight against the mud itself, layouts for days and muddy kits for everyone. The game was finally over with a turn outside our end zone leading to the final score. A deserved win for Bristol but Swansea did have moments which showed our true potential as a team. Keeping that up the entire game is our next goal so onwards to Nationals with that in mind!

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