Fencers foil Southampton for win in opening match

fencing 12.11.12

SWANSEA men’s fencing team began their season with a hard-fought victory over Southampton.

Swansea achieved victories in the sabre and the foil, with team captain Richard Rapier calling it “a strong start to the season.”

Despite their unhappiness with the refereeing, Swansea dominated the sabre, and new addition to the squad Joe Brightman finished off Southampton in explosive fashion to record a score of 45-36.

The Epee event, Southampton’s  strongest category, saw them come into their own and take a quick lead.

George Orchant closed the gap and took both teams into the final round with equal scores, but Southampton were able to secure their own 45-36 victory.

In the foil, Swansea dominated throughout and pulled off an outstanding victory of 45-16, to give Swansea a comfortable overall win.

After the game, Rapier signalled his intent to build upon the win.

“This is a strong start to the season,” he said.

“We were set back by some bad calls in the sabre, but we didn’t let it get to us.

“This is how I intend the season to continue for us.”

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