Fencing Club look forward after men’s second varsity win in two years

SWANSEA University male fencers secured an superb win for the second year running at varsity.

The team produced an accomplished display as they beat Cardiff by 128 points to 111.

And Club President Madelaine Swift was delighted with their performance.

“The Men’s team competed superbly for their win. As we fence three weapons (foil, epee and sabre) they needed a great amount of versatility for the different skills needed in each weapon.

“In foil the men bagged a 14-point lead, in sabre a 15-point lead and that just left epee to get over 20 points, which was achieved in fantastic style.”

It was a less successful day for Swansea’s women fencers, but their captain Ruth Bowley was pleased with the side’s efforts.

“The women’s team did really well considering the Cardiff women are in the league above us.

“The final score was 135:65 to Cardiff but we fenced out of our skins to get the points we did. We’re really pleased with the results.

“I’d like to thank the crowd who came to watch us, it was much bigger than last year and really helped to push on our performance.”

Both Swift and Bowley are now looking forward to what next year has to offer for the club.

“Unfortunately a lot of the fencers in varsity were in their last year,” Swift explained. “So we really need those supporters to come and actually have a go.

“Their first session is free so they have no excuse not to.”

“We’re also looking forward to building stronger links with the Cardiff team,” said Bowley. “We’re planning some events with them so there’s lots to look forward to in the future.”

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