Gosney & Co sit top of the table after strong start

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Swansea women’s hockey captain Becky Gosney believes a new focus on fitness and fun has had a positive impact on the team’s performance so far this season.

Gosney said: “We had a slow start, but recently we’ve picked up. We’ve really gelled together as a team and we’ve become a really strong side.”

Gosney has been impressed with the team and with certain members of the squad in particular.

She said: “I think the team this year has so much talent.

“Carys Tucker and Kiera Davis have continued to give high performances.

“Holly Walker in defence has been so solid and dependable. All of our Freshers have really grown in confidence.”

Despite a six game winning streak, the women’s team tasted defeat after a close encounter with Bath 2nds in their opening game of the season.

Gosney added: “It was hard to take.

“Everyone was really frustrated with that match. But everyone’s taken those points on board, and next time we’re going to get them.”

The captain believes the team’s strong performances are due to their new training regime, founded on increased fitness and enjoyment for the team.

She added: “This year we’ve really worked hard on fitness. This gives us the upper hand over other teams when they begin to struggle with fatigue.

“We work really hard, twice a week on fitness, once a week on the pitch and two matches per week.

“But we still have the enjoyment factor, we’re well known for our socials.”

Despite their fantastic record this season, Gosney is looking for further improvement.

She said: “We need to keep our composure. Sometimes, when we’re 2 – 0 up, everyone stops playing at such a high level of intensity.”

Swansea’s skipper feels confident that the women’s team can hold onto the top spot in Bucs western 2B division.

The team sit at the top following five league games, with a goal difference of plus 12 equal to that of second placed Bath 2nds.

In addition to winning the league, Gosney believes the highlight of the year will be the Varsity match.

She said: “I think for everyone that’s the biggest game of the year. As a fresher, I remember the build up for that is immense. It’s the game that  everyone wants to play.”

Last year Swansea’s hockey team picked up the victory winning a close fought match on penalties (7-6). Gosney is hoping for a more assured win
this time around.

She added: “We want to get a convincing win. After last year’s game went to flicks, it was so much pressure.”

Finally, Gosney was keen praise her team after their success so far this season: “I think the team this year has so much talent.

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