Gutsy Swansea beaten

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Swansea women’s badminton team went into Varsity with high hopes of victory but left empty-handed losing 5-3 to Cardiff.

The first single match ended in victory for Swansea’s captain Alice Palmer, but in the second her team mate Rui Lin was beaten.

The doubles pairings of Hattie Wade and Penny Scott regained the lead for Swansea before defeat for Izzy O’Hagen and Rebecca Thomas tied the match once again.

Swansea suffered a big blow in the second round of singles matches, when Palmer suffered an injury to her back.

After deciding to play on she was unfortunate to lose the match after an influential first match.

Two more single defeats left Swansea on the edge of defeat with two games remaining.

In the doubles matches, defeat in the penultimate game meant that all Swansea were now playing for was pride.

At that is what was delivered by Thomas and O’Hagen in the final match with a resolute victory over the Cardiff pair.

“Everyone played well, it was just unfortunate that we were not able to draw the competition in the end.” said Palmer.

Swansea University 1sts 3-5 Cardiff University 1sts

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