Hit for six before season opener

Hockey(4of38)-February 29, 2012 (Small)

Captain Joe Haworth admitted some harsh lessons were learnt as Swansea were cast aside by Uwe ahead of Wednesday’s season opener.


Haworth said the team was going through changes but believed they could emulate Uwe who play in a league above them.

“We know their first team is very good,” he said.

“They play the same brand of hockey we want to get to.

“We are changing systems this year.

“We learnt a lot from today so that’s positive.”

But Haworth is refusing to panic before the new season begins.

“At times we struggled to build our attacks sufficiently, but we have a lot of freshers in the team and we are just trying to build it up, so it will come, it’s just patience and getting the team together,” he said.

“We have got a new coach who has been helping us a lot.”

Swansea were under pressure from the start as they failed to keep the ball and Uwe played down each wing with no hassle.

Throughout the first half, Swansea could not sustain any real control of the game and were overrun in the midfield.

The dominance of Uwe was evident as they found themselves on top at the break.

Swansea lacked cutting edge and were too slow in their build up.

The second half was much closer with Swansea getting more into the game.

A break away down the left side of the pitch created a shooting opportunity for the home side which was dispatched across the box and into the bottom right corner of the goal.

Uwe showed over the match that they were the stronger side and their league standing proved that.

“We’ve just got to work and it’s Cardiff Medics next week.

“We have a lot of history there and I feel really confident for our first games, because we have some really good freshers in,” Haworth added.

Swansea University 1sts 2-6 University of West England 1sts

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