Jones’ lacrosse team denied the treble by Cardiff

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Women’s lacrosse suffered another blow to Swansea’s day at Varsity with a 14-7 defeat to Cardiff.

Swansea caught Cardiff off-guard and scored the first goal early on.

Cardiff came back strongly to lead by four at half time.

Swansea controlled possession however Cardiff were more clinical in their finishing.

Towards the last quarter, Swansea became more offensive but the Cardiff defence stayed strong.

Swansea was caught frequently on the break as they tried to get back into the game.

Jocelyn Robinson, who gained a scholarship for excelling in lacrosse, scored a significant number of goals for the team.

Captain Emily Jones said: “I’m so pleased and so proud of the team.

“In my fresher year, we lost 14-0 and the year before 30-0.

“So the fact we scored a good few goals is promising.”

Jones said she was excited for her third year in the team adding: “Hopefully we can get the score closer and even have a chance of winning.”

Swansea had a strong year winning the domestic cup and league.

Swansea University 1sts 7-14 Cardiff University 1sts

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