Late sin-bin costs Swansea victory

Captain Luke Parsons has defended his team’s performance after they went down to 10 men following a sin-binning three minutes from time, costing Swansea a victory over Gloucestershire.

Prior to the sin-binning, Swansea were 3-2 up against Gloucestershire and dealing with the pressure being applied upon their defence.

However with the sin-binning, Gloucestershire made the most of their one man advantage and were awarded a short corner, which the successfully scored from.

“Towards the end, especially when everyone’s getting more tired, means we have to run about more to cover the hole,” said Parsons.

“He’s a player that always plays his heart out, that’s the way he plays and he was unlucky that happened to him today.

“He always puts in 110% that guy, so can’t fault him on it.”

Unlike their previous match against Swansea University 3rd, the 2nds got out of the blocks from the starting whistle, applying pressure from the off and played the more positive play out of the two teams.

“We went out hard from the start, I feel we are very unlucky to get a win here today,” said Parsons.

The goals for Swansea were well worked and finished expertly, with all three goals capitalising on the Gloucestershire weakness to defend their left-side.

However Gloucestershire were equally clinical, capitalising on poor communication and decision making at the back from Swansea.
Although the match ended in a draw, it was not the result of great play.

Both sides committed many errors and this was the trait of the match, with most of the goals being scored due to poor defending, most notable the second Gloucestershire goal after a mix-up between the Swansea  goalkeeper and defence.

Parsons added: “I’m disappointed with the result.

“Gloucestershire weren’t a bad side by any means, but I think we deserved to come away with a win.

“However things are definitely are looking up for us and we’ll be sure to do well.”

As long as Swansea improve communication in their defence, they will no longer concede last minutes goals that will hinder their successes this season.

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