Medals galore for Swansea jitsu club

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Swansea University’s jitsu club won four gold medals, two silvers and two bronze at the Randori Nationals 2012.

The event, held at Walsall Judo Centre, saw Swansea win the medals over two gruelling days.

Gold medallist, Konstantins Lazars enjoyed his performance at the event.

“I am very proud; I was one of the smallest in my category.” He added: “Support from the team also helped me to achieve gold.”

The Randori Nationals are divided into three categories standing throwing, ground work and an open competition.

Lazars, Idris Birch and Russell Marsh and David Townsend all won gold at  the event in novice ground fighting, yellow belt ground fighting, purple belt standing in blue category and purple belt ground fighting in light blue category respectively.

Both Leon Nell and Katie Palmer won silver in yellow belt fighting in light blue category and yellow belt fighting in the open category respectively.

Joe Kershaw and Gordon Cummings finished the competition with a bronze medal apiece in yellow belt ground fighting and orange belt ground fighting respectively.

Katrine Salomonsen also gained a mention (fourth place) in the green belt standing and ground category.

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