Miserable start for basketball team

Swansea women’s basketball team suffered a miserable start to the season after being thrashed at home by Southampton Solent University.

Both teams were on great form and were on par at the beginning of the match, with Swansea briefly taking the lead.

Swansea’s Carla James, was taken out of the game just 10 minutes in a twisted knee; a critical blow to the team’s defence.

Solent’s coach Liam Dell admitted he was surprised by the ease of the win.

“I was expecting them to be a lot stronger, but they said that their intake was pretty poor this year,” he said.

“I think they still played well.”

When asked about their strong defence in the game, Dell added: “We’re a defence orientated type of team.

“My opinion is that offence will always sort itself out, whereas with defence, if you stop the other team, it will be perfect.”

Swansea’s coach Kurt Williams believed although his team were shorter compared to their opponents, it was not a big problem.

“Height difference doesn’t really matter. If we box them out and use better defence, it’s not a major issue,” he said.

Williams also pointed out that there were mainly fresh faces in this year’s line-up.

“A lot of these players are beginners and the spectrum of talent is massive; ranging from girls who have played professionally, to girls who have never touched a ball in their life.”

Ana Mavrodineana, Solent’s captain said: “It was a pretty tough game but at the end of the day the score says a lot about us as a team.”

Swansea’s captain Tino Dzaro was suprisingly upbeat after the crushing defeat.

“The better team won, I guess. However this was the first team match and we still need to get used to each other.”

Swansea are bottom of the league following their start, and now must work had to beat Southampton University next month.

Swansea University 1sts 33-73 Southampton Solent University 1sts

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