Netball set for tough year

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Last year, the netball team not only grew in numbers, but also in success.

This year, they are determined to continue with their accomplishments and expand further.

Due to large amounts of interest received from both new and previous members, they have created three strong and dedicated teams.

The first team were victorious in the final of the Bucs cup against Bath and also came top of their league, resulting in them being promoted to a more competitive and challenging league.

First team captain Brooke Collett is confident that her team can perform well.

She said: “It’s going to be a rough, gruelling year but we have such determined and talented players that we are positive that we can come away with a good few wins.”

The second team, captained by Lauren Smith, had a rocky start to to last season but managed to turn it around and remained  solid competitors in the league.

Captained by Megan Dacey, the third team were consistent and finished the season in second place after what was described as a phenomenal season.

In the coming year the club aims to maintain a strong standing in the Bucs league across all three teams.

Due to their success the netball players are even considering introducing a fourth team.

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