Ockwell feeling confident as footballers head for summit

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Men’s football firsts captain Pete Ockwell believes Swansea can win the Bucs Western 1A division after a “brilliant” start.

Having won all their four league matches so far this season, and having amassed a goal difference of plus eight.

Ockwell is confident they will come out on top of the other five teams in the league.

He said: “All players have been playing at a very high standard.

“[However] no one has been consistently on fire for the whole season.”

The captain is confident that they can remain unbeaten at home this season.

He added: “We won’t be beaten at home. We should be five points ahead by Christmas, halfway through the season.”

This year’s squad was depleted following a majority of the squad graduating last summer.

A new coach, Nick Bowen, has also come in to improve the standards of the men’s side.

Ockwell is pleased with how the team has adjusted.

The changes has allowed him to focus on his own captaincy without the burden of coaching as well (unlike the previous year).

“We lost eight players last year; we had to practically rebuild the squad,” Bowen said.

“Having an outside figure, not a player coach the team, has helped.

“It’s a lot of pressure taken off me.”

After finishing fourth in the league two years running, Swansea are looking poised to finish much higher this year.

Promotion for the side is a definite possibility.

Ockwell added: “From where we are now, I’d like to see us win the league.”

Swansea played Exeter 1sts in the season opener away, winning 3-1.

Their next game was postponed due to adverse weather conditions, and so the game against Plymouth still needs to be played.

Plymouth are third in the league with seven points, compared to Swansea’s 12.

Swansea’s next played game came against rivals Cardiff University away.

They managed to deal a blow to Cardiff months before Varsity, winning 1-0.

Ockwell added: “I thought the lads’ battling was absolutely fantastic.”

It was not all positive for the men’s first team, as they were dumped out of the Bucs football trophy.

They travelled away to UWE 1sts, playing at the Almondsbury FC ground and were beaten 1-0 by the home side.

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