Refereeing controversy clouds opening week of new season


An online argument broke out after the first round of intramural matches about the lack of qualified referees for the league’s opening round of fixtures.

Daniel Lewis: One of the qualified officials in the league



Referee training had not yet been completed so teams were forced to referee their own matches, with most squads deciding an unused player from each side who referee a half each.

In the Sketty-History match, the History FC official gave a late penalty to his side, which turned out to be the winning goal.

The official Swansea intramural page was inundated with angry Sketty players while the victorious History players were adamant it was a definite penalty.

League chairman, Laurence Hodgkins said: “The incident highlighted to me why referees are vital to this league, something I’ve been pushing and pushing for since the final term of last year.

“However, due to a lack of available referees in the Swansea area its been extremely difficult.”

The controversial nature of the Sketty game was laughed off by other captains who highlighted that for the past 10 years intramural has always refereed its own matches.

Jim Davies of K.A.Y FC, mentioned that for his team, football is “all a bit of fun” and that their match against Crayola FC was played “in a good manner” between the teams.

An anonymous senior Team Sloth player, echoed this sentiment describing the incident as “smoke without fire” going on to claim that “good teams win games even when decisions go against them.

“And it’s impossible to get an honest opinion when those who were watching are the subs from the teams playing!”

Although scant consolation for the disheartened Sketty players, Hodgkins was swift to point out his work in ensuring the qualified referees will be in charge of all intramural games from now on.

“The scheme is a free referees course provided by the Swansea referee association, it takes potential referees through the 17 laws of the game and provides facility for those to take refereeing further to move up the Fifa rankings,” he added.

The second week of intramural featured referees fresh from the scheme and captains were asked to rate them.

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