Senior women’s hopes halted by bad luck

Senior Women

Swansea’s senior women were rueing bad luck as they were convincingly beaten by Cardiff in the penultimate race of the day.

The senior women were left behind after a major crab occurred, forcing them to lose twenty seconds on the Cardiff crew.

A crab occurs when the oar slows the boat’s speed and rhythm by catching the water as it is brought out of the water.

Phoebe Wright, Swansea women’s novice captain and member of the senior squad, believes it would have been a very close final few metres had it not been for the crab.

“One of the blades got caught in the water which acted like a handbrake, which stopped the boat,” she said.

“So we had to stop and restart the race, obviously Cardiff kept going and left us behind.

“If the incident hadn’t happened I think it would’ve been a very close race, with an exciting finish.”

Swansea: Rodrigo Rogers, Jenni Pearson, Lorna Carter, Phoebe Wright, Ania Negele, Georgina Watling, Cat Long, Kirstin Rodgers, Natasha Cook.

Cardiff: Helen Illif, Rosie Owens, Kat Heine, Francesca Hinds, Rebecca Stobart, Charlie Bowman, Lottie Lowe, Caroline Trow-Poole, Alana Richards. 

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