Some tips on how to look after yourself on during Varsity…

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Varsity is here and a fantastic feast of sporting prowess, rivalry and celebration beckons. A festival with some 23 sports and over 800 athletes who will battle out the amiable historical rivalry between Swansea & Cardiff.

The event is truly huge. We want you to really enjoy and be a part of it. We also want to make sure our “Social Footprint” is kept to a minimum. So please tidy up your tins and bottles and recycle them, especially in public spaces, especially the Beach and the Parks. Please keep your language and behaviour appropriate bearing in mind you are all ambassadors for the University.

Late at night, please try and keep Noise levels to an acceptable level….the local community support Varsity but don’t appreciate having their family lives being seriously disturbed.

If you need it, there will be FREE WATER available throughout the event. The Students Union will be providing Welfare Services at the event. If you need help from the Police, please contact Andy Phillips at the Uni Liaison Team on tel. 07584 770693. For general assistance with any issues that arise, please contact Robin Benson, Community Liaison Officer at the University on. 07860 782004

Please enjoy Varsity and be cool to the community in which you live. Poor behaviour will be actively challenged by the University, Police and the Council.

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