Spour of the moment

calum spours4

Calum Spours was crowned the Welsh champion at the 67kg weight class after his opponent was forced to retire at the end of the second round with a hand injury.

Adam Davies was already suffering from a series of heavy blows in the opening exchanges before suffering the injury.

“I’m not too disappointed it didn’t go the distance, I believe I’d already won the first two rounds convincingly,” said Spours.

“Overall I’m happy, I trained hard and it paid off.”

And coach Avoen Perryman was delighted by Spours’ performance before the fight was stopped.

“Calum was literally the best I’ve ever seen him,” he said.

“He dominated his opponent all the way through the fight and the additional training he has been doing lately really paid off.”

Perryman was adamant that it was back to business now for Spours, with the Bucs boxing championships in Sheffield later this month.

“I’m very proud of him, but celebrations will be short-lived as we both have our eyes on the gold medal at Bucs,” he added.

“I will be taking a team of three boxers to the championships this year – Calum Spours, Dominic Carrol and Craig Jarvis.

“I have high hopes that we will be bringing medals back to Swansea for the third year in a row.”

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