Swansea hope for Varsity win

Captain Daniel Buttifant described Swansea University’s basketball team as “unquestionably the best it’s been for years” ahead of their Varsity clash.

The side went unbeaten in the Bucs league securing promotion, to the Western 1A division, and are hopeful for a Varsity win to add to their success.

“This year we’re definitely going into Varsity with far more momentum and confidence than last year,” said Buttifant.

“We’ve been a very strong shooting side, however, ultimately I think it will come down to the side that plays the better defence and looks after their possession that will win.”

Buttifant believes the crowd will play a big part in which way the result could go.

He added: “The crowd is obviously going to be a big factor.

“Our games are usually played out in front of a small crowd so Varsity is a completely different environment to our normal season games.

“Our players will be nervous, but this year we have been a very confident team so I don’t think this should become too much of a factor in our performance.”

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