Swansea University Sailing Club qualify for BUCS National Team Racing Finals

playoffs 2

By Annamaria Nichols

Swansea University Sailing Club hosted the BUSA Playoffs on the weekend of the 5th-6th of March.

On Saturday morning, teams from across the country gathered at Tata Steel Sailing Club for the 2016 BUSA Playoffs. It was bright and sunny start, as it always is in Swansea. As well as hosting the event, Swansea University had two teams qualify to compete at this event at the Western qualifiers in February.

Unfortunately, the first race was slightly delayed due to stronger winds than expected, calling for cut-downs to be rigged instead of full sails. The racing began at around 10am and started making good progress. After about an hour, full sails were back up and the racing continued.

Racing continued very smoothly throughout the day and all 105 races, plus one re-sail, were completed in just one day. Bristol Red were strong leaders from the outset and finished on 100% wins.

Ross Malloy (Edinburgh University) commented ‘We had a great time this weekend, even if the races didn’t go our way! We all thought the event was particularly well organised and efficient, and we were very impressed with the number of races completed in one day. The weather meant for some incredible sailing and exciting races which were always enjoyable.’

Both competing at, and hosting the event presented a number of challenges, Commodore Alex Mallalieu said ‘running an event and having two teams competing was never going to be an easy feat, but we managed to pull it off with the help of all our club members and even a few alumni. Luckily the wind and the weather were on our side, helping us make it an efficient event.’

Swansea Green and Swansea White both qualified for the BUCS National Team Racing Finals (to be hosted by the University of Cambridge) 3rd and 5th respectively. This is the first time the sailing club has ever got two teams through to the national finals.

As well as competing in the team racing finals this Easter, the sailing club will also be sending a team to the BUCS National Yachting Championships in a bid to qualify for the Student Yachting World Championships.

Swansea University Sailing Club would like to thank all those who contributed to the running of the weekend, the umpires, and to all the teams that competed.


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