Swansea up to second after great win against Cardiff

Liam Eley 3 (Medium)

Swansea University captain Freddie Ferrari was delighted with Swansea’s performance after their 4-2 victory against Cardiff at Pennard Golf Club.

Despite extremely blustery conditions, Swansea started the day brightly, swiftly racing into a 3-0 lead.

The pace was set very early on with Ferrari leading by example finishing 5 & 3 up.

The excellent form was carried on by Liam Eley, ending 5 & 4 up and Rob Smith 5 & 3 up.

The aim of a whitewash was quashed in the fourth pairing when James Powlesland finished on a 4 & 3 loss, leaving Swansea leading by two in a 3–1 score line.

Order was resumed from a Swansea point of view when Pete Gordon ended 1 up and resulting in the Swansea victory being 4–1 up overall.

Nathan Day’s one-down loss resulted in the 4–2 victory for Swansea University.

“Obviously today’s conditions weren’t the most ideal, but in fact windy conditions like this play into our hands as we’re used to the course and know how to adjust our shots accordingly”, said Ferrari.

“We’ve teed off and putted fairly well over the course today, which is pleasing.

“Our pitching perhaps needs to be sharper, as that could be costly in tightly contested pairings.

“We tried to hit the ball hard and low today because of the wind, and I think we managed that quite well.”

Both sides still managed to produce birdies and pars aplenty with numerous accurate drives and putts, but as the pairings played on, Swansea’s
home advantage eventually told.

Ferrari added: “We’re happy with any margin of victory, but we like to aim high and were hoping to achieve a whitewash over them.”

“But overall, it’s been a very good day for us and I’m pleased we’ve come out on top.”

Cardiff were not without threats of their own, as their precise approach shots were often followed up by 2-putts at most.

Swansea, on the other hand, kept their shots low to avoid the ball being blown off-course too much.

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