Swansea women’s football get set for grudge match

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The Waterfront caught up with Swansea 1sts and 2nds captains ahead of their upcoming grudge match.

Swansea 1sts have started brilliantly this season with captain Ria Llewellyn leading her side to three points from top.

Bethan Rudge’s 2nds have had contrasting results with the newly promoted side finding it hard to adjust to life in the 2B division.


How long have you been playing football?

RL: I started playing football when I was about eight, and have been playing for teams since really.

BR: Since I was about ten, probably younger than that, because my friend’s dad taught the boys team and I used to go along.

Who are your inspirations?

RL: One of my old coaches, he was one of the best coaches I’ve ever had. He gets into you that football is more than a game and you should take every game seriously.

BR: My friend’s Dad was one of them. Another one was a girl in my school, and she played for England a couple of times. She took me on and coached me quite a lot.

What is your favourite moment as a Swansea player so far?

RL: Varsity the atmosphere is wicked, obviously the result didn’t go our way, but like I think it’s the games, you’re so close that you pip them at the post which are the best to play.

BR: It’s probably got to be the seconds getting promoted last season. The whole season last season we played so well as a team and before that we only really won a game a season. To build it up and get promoted was probably the best moment.

How did you two become captain?

BOTH: Every year people put themselves forward and you have to give a little speech and then it’s down to the girls to vote.

Do you enjoy being responsible for leading your team out every week?

RL: Yes, when your team is having a good game you feel like you’ve done a good job and you are quite proud of your players. Like last week’s game I was very proud of them regardless of the result.

BR: It’s great actually. Especially when you see how much they enjoy it. So being able to take people out and they come off the pitch, they have smiles on their faces.

You put so much effort in for your sides; do you think being captain inspires you to give more for the team?

RL: Yes it does, it shows every other player has no excuse to not play their hearts out.

BR: Yes, when your captain it gives you an extra push to work hard. You want to be on the pitch for every single second and trying your hardest because you don’t want to let anyone down.

What does the future hold for you?

RL: See how it goes down the season, we are getting results but hopefully we get more goals.

BR: Hopefully we as a club can win Varsity.

What would winning the league mean to you?

RL: Oh it would be a massive achievement, Varsity is a big thing that everyone wants to win every year. But like the league is the effort you put in every single week. I still see the league as more important because it shows you are working hard every week.

What would staying up mean to you following last year’s promotion?

BR: It would be amazing. We are going to have two massive games against the Met who are probably the team most close to us, as they got promoted last year too.

Does playing the second team put more pressure on your team to perform?

RL: Yes, I think it does. I think it’s a bit of healthy competition; we are going to take it as serious as a normal game. We need the win, because the  top of the league is very close, it will be a good game to play.

Does playing the first team give you more determination to try and pull off an upset?

BR: It does. It would be amazing, even to be close to them in that game, we are going to have to approach it seriously, because they need goals and we need to not let in goals. There will be enough of a competitive edge to make it a good game.

Will Tasha Wilcox be fit to play against the 1sts after her injury away against Gloucestershire?

BR: She should be yes. She’s fine and her leg is fine.

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