Taekwondo win nine medals in Leeds


Jordan Braddock won two golds as Swansea University’s taekwondo club celebrated a nine medal haul at the ITF student championship in Leeds.

Braddock won his medals in patterns and point-stop sparring and captain Emily Batson said the team is eager for more tournaments.

“Our performance in Leeds has boosted the club’s morale 100 per cent because of the success we had,” she said.

“Everyone is desperate to compete in another tournament.

“I couldn’t be more proud as a captain for all the hard work they’ve done which has evidently paid off.

“This puts us in high spirits for Varsity.”

The tournament consisted of four disciplines: patterns, point-stop sparring, continuous sparring and destruction.

A pattern is the performance of a sequence of set movements, and they get marked based on technique timing and their breathing.

Point-stop sparring is a timed contest between two fighters, a punch to body is one point, a kick to body is two points and a kick to head is three points.

The referee stops the fight each time a hit is noted. The winner has the most points at the end of the fight.

Continuous sparring is similar to point-stop but the scoring system differs.

The scores are marked by clickers in each of the corners with the referee only interfering if it gets too scrappy.

Destruction is the breaking of boards by the competitors.

Matthew Hakim, Laura Hunt, and Sam Mason all won silver for Swansea in sparring.

Lewis Bray, Batson, Mason and the jitsu captain, David Townsend, picked up bronze medals.

Batson said she is impressed by recruits who joined the club in September.

“Townsend also recently won gold for groundwork in jitsu,” she added.

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