Titans hoping to be the team to beat this year

Oliver Crook Photography

To most people American Football is a game played by our colonial cousins that vaguely resembles rugby.

Oliver Crook Photography


This is true to an extent, with the games sharing an egg shaped ball and opposing goal lines.

They are also both full contact sports, providing a more dangerous type of entertainment for players and fans alike.

But American football is a game of more than just brute strength.

Each play depends upon meticulous planning, and strategic timing as well as physical prowess and mental preparation.

It’s true to say that it is not a game for the faint of heart, but the pads and helmets worn allow players to reach extremely high levels of physicality which result in contests of the highest intensity.

The Titans, Swansea University’s American football team are now heading into their third year of competitive action.

They compete in the British University American Football League’s South West Atlantic Conference.

The Titans last season finished with three wins and five defeats.

For a new team in a notoriously competitive league, this was a hard earned end to the season.

As well as ending the season strongly the Titans also broke several of their own playing records such as winning their first away game, number of wins in a season, and a crucial rivalry victory over the Cardiff Cobras, winning 26-25.

All eyes are now on the season ahead, with the Titans looking to improve upon their performance last year and progress to be the team to be in their conference.

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