Triple success in sight for women’s side

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Women’s lacrosse team are hopeful that their double-winning season will turn into a triple success with victory at Varsity.

Captain Emily Jones is determined to take the win for Swansea and beat the Varsity curse that the women’s lacrosse side have had in recent years.

“I don’t think we have ever won the lacrosse Varsity match against Cardiff,” she said.

“But this year has been exceptional for the team. We have been promoted and won the cup competition, only losing one game all season.

“This year we are hoping to give Cardiff the toughest game they have had yet.”

The team topped the Bucs Western 2A this season, also winning Western Conference cup beating Plymouth Marjons in the final 17-9.

In preparation for the event, Jones has increased the training time for the squad.

This is to ensure the squad know the complex plays which she believes can give Swansea an “advantage” against Cardiff.

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