Women’s hockey suffer their first defeat Varsity defeat in three years

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Swansea University’s improved second half display came too late after conceding three first goals, losing the game 3-1 to Cardiff at Welsh Varsity.

From early on, Cardiff dominated scoring their first goal almost immediately, leaving captain Becky Gosney was visibly unhappy.

Swansea’s midfielders made some excellent passes and held the centre with some fancy footwork, weaving around Cardiff.

The Swansea crowd, who started out quite wild and raucous, became increasing quiet as the reds continued their lead in the first half scoring another goal.

Cardiff missed a penalty shortly afterwards and Swansea were awarded a short corner right after this but also failed to convert this into a goal.

The goals kept coming with Cardiff making it 3-0 before half time.

During the break, a Swansea streaker took to the pitch and the six police officers quickly took him away.

Swansea upped their game in the second half and did not concede any further goals due to the heroics from goalkeeper Gwen Spurlock.

Swansea tore away with speed and agility to reduce the deficit to 3-1 but it was too little too late.

This was Swansea’s first defeat at Varsity in three years.

Swansea University 1sts 1-3 Cardiff University 1sts

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