Women’s novice team fall short

Novice Women

Swansea women’s novice team were beaten in the opening race of the Welsh Varsity race day.

The novices lost touch with their Cardiff counterparts as they went into the final stretch, eventually losing by four lengths.

Swansea’s cox, Naomi White, was very pleased by the team’s start to the race despite Cardiff’s late push for the line.

“I think the race was really good for us, we got off to a really good start,” said White.

“We were ahead of Cardiff for the opening half of the race but they then started to gain on us.

“Gradually Cardiff then pulled in front and won, but I’m really proud of the girls’ effort.”

White believes a slight crab, heading into the final stretch of water, was the reason for Cardiff’s victory.

A crab occurs when the oar becomes caught in the water at the moment of extraction, and it can cause a dramatic loss of speed and rhythm throughout the boat.

She added: “We caught a slight crab just before we reached the final bridge which lost us a couple of seconds.

“But the girls managed to come through it quite well and hope to do better next year.”

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